Accessibility help center at Charles Schwab

As a client, you can reach a Schwab Investment professional 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your investing and trading needs. To ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to our goods and services, we provide the following.

  • Telecommunications Relay Service
  • Website Accessibility
  • Braille, Audio and Large-print Statements
  • Reader Services
  • Sign Language Interpreter Services
  • Physically Accessible Locations
  • Accessible Forms and Account Agreements

Account open services

There are many account registrations that are available via, allowing you to open an account without the need for a paper application. Click here to see which accounts are available to be opened online.

If you prefer to have someone assist you with opening your Schwab account, please contact one of our Investment Professionals at the number below:


Telecommunications relay services

Schwab clients who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have speech disabilities, can contact us via AT&T’s relay service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll also gladly accept calls from other relay services.

  • 800-345-2550 for Schwab Brokerage Clients
  • 877-743-6024 for Schwab Bank Clients

Website accessibility

Most browsers have built-in accessibility features that supports, from the ability to change colors, contrast, and text size to using screen readers and skip controls.

  • To zoom in or out on a web page: 

    Windows OS: To zoom in, press CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+). To zoom out, press CTRL + MINUS SIGN (–). 

    Mac OS: To zoom in, press COMMAND + PLUS SIGN (+). To zoom out, press COMMAND + MINUS SIGN (–).
  • To change foreground and background colors: 

    Internet Explorer: Select Tools > Internet Options > General dialog page, and the Colors button. Check the dialog boxes to set individual preferences. 

    Firefox: Select Tools > Options. In the dialog box, select General > Fonts & Colors. 

    Opera: Select Tools > Preferences. In the dialog box, select Fonts and Page Style. 

    Safari does not currently have options to change text and background colors.

If you have questions or concerns about the accessibility of, please call 888-862-9680 or email us.

Accessible statement alternatives

Upon request Schwab can arrange for Braille, audio or large-print for our brokerage and bank account statements.  To request this free service, call to speak to a Schwab Representative (or for TTY ).

Sign language interpreter services

Upon request Schwab can arrange for sign language interpreter services. If you wish to request a sign language interpreter, please call to speak to a Schwab representative or contact your local branch so that an appointment with an interpreter may be scheduled.

Physically accessible locations

Schwab monitors our branch locations for compliance with ADA requirements and state and local accessibility laws. If you have a question about access and parking at a particular location please contact your local branch or call.

Reader services

Schwab investment professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and will gladly read documents or information to you over the phone. 

General: 800-435-4000

TDD/TTY: 800-345-2550