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Working with you to keep your information SchwabSafe®.

We're dedicated to protecting your account, and working with you to make it even more secure. 

How we protect you.

We're always updating our technology, people, and protocols to keep your personal and financial information safe. While we can't share the details, here are some of the ways we protect you.

  • Multi-layered technology

    Our sites feature encryption and risk-based security technology. These controls, combined with automated alerts, an identity verification process and rigorous monitoring, help defend against unauthorized account access.

  • Highly-trained specialists

    Employees who handle sensitive information are trained in privacy and security. Our commitment to the privacy of your personal and financial information can be found here.

  • Secure process and procedures

    Whether you call, visit a branch or go online, your identity will be verified before any sensitive information is discussed.

How to do your part.

To ensure your information is as safe as it can be, security has to be a partnership. Here's what you can do to make your account even more secure.

  • Set up security alerts.

    Go to the Schwab Security Center and sign up to receive notifications so you'll know immediately when activity occurs in your accounts.*

  • Enroll in advanced authentication.

    Make your Schwab sign in more secure with two-step verification. After enrolling, you'll receive a one-time security code to use with your password each time you sign in for stronger account protection.

  • Sign up for Voice ID.

    Access your account over the phone by saying the passphrase when prompted. Voice ID is fast, convenient and secure.*


    Call us to enroll at 800-435-4000.


How to stay safe online

How to stay safe online.

How to stay safe online.

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    Check your account.

    Regularly view your account activity and look out for suspicious transactions.

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    Don't share personal information.

    Don't post personal sensitive information on social media. That includes details such as contact and personally identifiable information.

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    Be cautious of phishing attempts.

    Don't open or accept communications from an unfamiliar source, including phone calls, emails, or texts. Instead, reach out to the individual or company using the contact information from their official website.

  • Step

    Verify payment requests.

    Requests for payments using gift cards and prepaid debit cards are often associated with scams.

Additional steps you can take.


  • Have questions about security at Schwab?

    Call us at 800-435-4000.