Manage your own investments with ease.

Take control of your investing with a full range of tools, resources, and support.

Trade easily and confidently.

Enjoy straightforward trading across a wide range of investment products. 

Anywhere trading

Place trades on, with our mobile app1, or using the thinkorswim® suite (desktop, web, and mobile).

Helpful trading features

Manage investments with our watchlists, alerts, and All-In-One Trade Ticket®.

Range of products to trade

Access a wide range of investment products like stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and options.

Use helpful guides and tools to choose what to invest in.

Managing your own investments doesn't mean you're doing it alone. Here are some of the tools, resources, and expertise we offer to help you.


Build your portfolio

Build your portfolio

Choose what to invest in with help from our free Schwab Personalized Portfolio Builder tool.

  • Determine your fund preference, risk profile, and initial investment.
  • Choose from ETFs or mutual funds.
  • No minimum investment required.

Research investments

Research investments

  • Find stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs using over 100 criteria with our research screeners.
  • Get clear A-B-C-D-F equity rating2 grades on how a stock will perform compared to the equities market over the next 12 months.
  • Access premium independent research and analysis from Morningstar®, Argus Research, and several other providers.

Discover new ideas

Discover new ideas

  • Use our thematic stock lists3 as an approach to help you invest in new trends and opportunities.
  • Already a client? Use our fund finder tool to easily select mutual funds that align to your goals.

Track and evaluate your performance to plan your next move.

Once your investments are set, you're likely to start thinking, "What next?" Base your next moves on in-depth analysis and performance data at your fingertips.

Portfolio Checkup

Compare your investment allocation to benchmarks.

Portfolio Performance

Track your gains and losses over time.

Complimentary Plan

Check your progress against your goals.

Connect with knowledgeable support teams when and how you need to.

Get 24/7/365 live support, and call or chat anytime.

Connect with specialized support teams for help with fixed income, options, and more.

Access more than 400 physical branches.

Get in-depth education and timely expert perspectives.

Enjoy best-in-class education combined with Schwab experts' timely market commentary and perspectives on investing, trading, and personal finance. We have courses, articles, videos, and podcasts.

Start exploring Schwab's Insights & Education or learn more in the Schwab Mobile app.

Start managing your investments with ease.

All of this plus $0 online listed stock and ETF trades4 and no account or trade minimums.

More ways for you to invest with us.

How you work with us is completely up to you. Manage your own investments, use our automated investing, work with a financial professional, or tap into a little bit of everything.

A man with a PC viewing trading screens

Manage and trade your own investments.

Build, trade, and manage your portfolio your way at Schwab.

  • $0 online equity trade commissions1

  • Powerful trading platforms

  • Tools for investing and trading

  • Expert insights, resources, and education

  • Support from investing and trading specialists

We're committed to delivering low prices.

No matter how you manage and trade your investments, one thing is certain—we support you with some of the lowest pricing in the industry.


Online Listed Equity Commissions


Options per contract2, $0 online commission1


Online Listed ETF Commissions3

Choose from a wide selection of low-cost products.

You'll also benefit from some of the lowest pricing for mutual funds, bonds, and futures. See how we compare.

Elevate your digital experience with powerful yet easy-to-use trading platforms.

Streamlined investing and trading

  • Get robust tools and research at your fingertips on
  • Stay on top of the markets and your accounts wherever you go with Schwab Mobile apps.

Advanced trading platform

Active traders

  • Trade smarter with platforms, education, and support created exclusively for active traders.

Invest and trade with confidence with our full range of tools and resources.

Click through a sampling of our tools below to learn more.

Tools portfolio overview

Portfolio Overview

  • Get a clear view of what’s going on in your portfolio at a glance. View your balances and positions, track your assets over time, get market updates, and more—in one place.
  • Link your non-Schwab account information for a more complete view of your finances and holdings.
Tools portfolio builders

Portfolio Builders

  • Build a diversified portfolio of ETFs or mutual funds with tools using Schwab's asset allocation models that range from conservative to aggressive.
Tools and calculators

Retirement and College Savings Calculators

  • Find out where you stand today, and how much to save for key financial milestones with our retirement and college savings calculators.
Research and Screeners tools

Research and Screeners

  • Screen for ETF, mutual fund, and stock investments using over 100 criteria, Schwab experts’ top picks and more.
  • Identify trade opportunities based on predefined strategies or your own custom criteria.
Trading ideas

Trading Ideas

  • Get actionable ideas that fit the style and timing of your strategy with the Strategy Screener.
  • Explore options trading ideas based on bullish, bearish, or neutral sentiment with Idea Hub®.
Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting

  • Create custom real-time charts with a robust number of studies and styles.
  • Receive pattern-based strategy ideas and decision support intraday.
Execution Tools

Execution Tools

  • Easily trade multiple securities using a variety of order types with our All-In-One Trade Ticket.
  • Automate adjustments to orders to help obtain favorable execution prices with Walk Limit.
  • Set up Conditional Orders that only fire if specific conditions are met.
Gain and Loss Analyzer

Gain/Loss Analyzer

  • Quickly visualize and analyze your trade performance using simple visual assessment of your portfolio.
  • Leverage key success metrics that explain what you’re doing well and areas to improve.

Stay at the forefront with the help of our expertise.

Randy Frederick, Vice President, Trading and Derivatives, Schwab Center for Financial Research

Expert insights and market commentary

Know what’s happening in the markets with insights from our market and trading experts.

Screen shot of Schwab Equity Rating example

Expert ratings and investment screeners

We rate and pre-screen investments to help you make more informed decisions.

Live webcasts and daily content

Live webcasts and daily content

Join us for live streaming events, expert interviews, and more every business day.

You’ll also get access to leading third-party research providers to broaden your market perspective.

Knowledgeable support and trading teams available to you 24/7.

  • Experienced customer support from licensed and U.S.-based professionals.
  • Trading specialists are ready to talk trading, provide real-time trade analysis and more.
  • Product specialist teams can help with fixed income, options, and futures questions.
  • 24/7 support from teams who want to answer your questions. Get answers via phone, and live chat, or visit a local branch near you.

Start managing and trading your own investments today.

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