Technical Analysis

Interpret market data to identify patterns and trends to make more educated predictions.

3 Bearish Trading Patterns

Bearish trends can become a concern during a slower economy. Learn how to spot patterns and potentially profit from them.

Identifying Head-and-Shoulders Patterns in Stock Charts

Identifying so-called head-and-shoulders patterns can be tricky.

Investing Basics: Technical Analysis

Looking to understand how to read stock charts? Start learning the basics of using charts, identifying trends, applying price patterns, and using charting indicators.

Getting Started with Technical Analysis

What is technical analysis and how do traders use it to help them make trading decisions? Join your education coach to learn the basic principles and concepts of technical analysis and the advantages and disadvantages associated with this stock analysis technique.

Using Chart Drawing Tools on thinkorswim® Desktop

Learn how to add drawings in charts, draw trendlines, price levels, and Fibonacci retracements to help you identify trend as well as support and resistance.

What You Can Learn From Stock Trading Volume

Volume tells how many shares are publicly traded on a particular day. It can also confirm the trend and buy signal, warn of potential trend changes, and help track the smart money.

How to Avoid 3 Technical Analysis Trading Pitfalls

Learn to avoid the three pitfalls of technical analysis and analyzing price patterns: impatience, inflexibility, and tunnel vision.

Understanding Simple Moving Average Crossovers

A simple moving average crossover system can help you evaluate potential entry and exit points in a trading strategy.

Uncover Hidden Price Levels with the Volume Profile

Here we'll review two ways the Volume Profile study on the thinkorswim® platform can help traders uncover hidden inflection price points.

Advanced Stock Chart Indicators

When typical charting tools seem to be giving false signals, some traders turn to less common ones like the Standard Deviation Channel, Schaff Trend Cycle, and The Simple Cloud.