Welcome to thematic investing.

Introducing thematic stock lists, an approach that can help you discover and invest in trends and new opportunities.

So what is thematic investing all about?

Thematic investing is an approach that uses research to identify trends, opportunities, and relevant companies and group them into overarching themes to invest in. In contrast to sector investing, Tooltip themes include investments that span many sectors, such as the Workforce Diversity Leaders theme—bringing together a variety of companies from tech, retail, gaming, hospitality, and more.

Thematic investing lets you align your investments with personal interests and values, including themes like space economy, genomics, cybersecurity, and many others. There are many ways to invest thematically, including through thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, or by using thematic stock lists and screeners. Learn more about thematic investing.

How we're taking thematic investing to the next level.

Our proprietary research process helps us identify trends and generate curated thematic stock lists. We offer 40+ themes—many not available anywhere else—to help you find stocks that interest you.

Here's how it works.

  • Research to uncover opportunities.

    We use a unique research process to uncover emerging trends and innovations and to assess their investment potential.

  • Evaluate and discover.

    We use artificial intelligence to help us mine terabytes of data and discover companies to consider for a given theme.

  • Build out thematic stock lists.

    After filtering out companies that don't meet our criteria, a list of highly relevant stocks is generated for each theme and reviewed frequently.

Get started with Schwab's 40+ thematic stock lists.

As a Schwab client, you can search our catalog of 40+ thematic stock lists by keyword, company, stock symbol, or theme name. Each list includes highly relevant stocks with details like price, day change, and market cap. There's no fee to access our thematic stock lists—all you need is a Schwab account to get started.

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Still have questions about thematic investing? Here are some answers.

Thematic stock lists are groups of stocks related to an idea or trend. For each theme, we use proprietary research and technology to select stocks that collectively relate to a trend, market insight, or innovation.


You should consider your own circumstances and determine which securities are right for you based on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, financial situation, and other individual factors which you should re-evaluate on a periodic basis.

There are no trade commissions when you buy stocks online based on thematic stock lists.1 Service charges apply for trades placed through a broker or by automated phone. Other fees and charges, such as exchange process fees, may apply.

We explore news sources, industry publications, and research reports to identify trends and assess their potential as ideas and insights for themes. From our findings, we develop keywords and phrases connected to specific themes. Using AI, we search millions of public documents for companies linked to those keywords and phrases, then apply a proprietary algorithm to rank U.S. exchange-listed stocks on their relevance to the theme. Find out more about Schwab's thematic research approach.

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