Small Business Retirement Plans

Schwab offers a number of retirement plans for small businesses, whether your company employs one or many. Use this information and our tools here to learn more and begin narrowing your options.

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Individual 401(k) plan

  • Individual 401(k) plans

    Who it's for:

    Owner-only businesses with no employees

    Key features: 

    • All the benefits of a traditional 401(k)
    • High contribution limits
    • Easy to administer

    Individual 401(k) plan details


    Who it's for:

    Owner-only businesses or those with just a few employees

    Key features:

    • No IRS filing or reporting
    • Allows for contributions for you and any employees
    • Easy to administer

    SEP-IRA plan details


    Who it's for:

    Businesses with up to 100 employees

    Key features:

    • Primarily funded with employee salary-deferral contributions
    • Employer-matched contributions up to 3%
    • An easy and economical plan to administer

    SIMPLE IRA plan details

retirement plans

  • Personal Defined Benefit Plan

    Who it's for:

    Owner-only businesses or those with up to five employees

    Key features:

    • Highest contribution limits 
    • Contributions are generally 100% tax-deductible
    • Helps target your desired level of income in retirement

    Personal defined benefit plan details

  • Business 401(k) Plan

    Who it's for:

    Businesses of any size

    Key features:

    • Permits a higher level of salary deferrals by employees than other plans
    • Optional annual employer contributions
    • Greater plan customization

    Business 401(k) plan details

  • Company Retirement Account (CRA)

    Who it's for:

    Businesses with an established retirement plan

    Key features:

    • An investment-only solution
    • Access to Schwab’s full range of investment options
    • $0 account open or maintenance fees. Other account fees, fund expenses, and brokerage commissions may apply1.

    Company Retirement Account details