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  • Schwab Assistant

    NEW! Now you can chat us up 24/7! In addition to our live chat representatives, our virtual Schwab Assistant is now available to clients on to help answer your questions anytime. When logged in, click on Support in the top right corner and select Chat.

  • All-In-One Trade Ticket

    RECENTLY UPDATED! Our All-In-One Trade Ticket® provides easy access to multiple asset types (stocks, ETFs, and options) and lets you place and execute your trades from a single location. The new Add Order feature on allows you to enter up to eight stock or ETF orders at once into the trade ticket.

  • Two-Step Verification

    RECENTLY UPDATED! Our two-step verification lets you confirm your identity with a simple tap on your mobile app when you log in to devices you haven't told us to trust or every time you log in. Other verification options are also available.

Accounts & Security

Accounts and securities



  • Watchlists

    RECENTLY UPDATED! Our completely redesigned Watchlists tool features a simplified interface that makes it easier to build, edit, and delete a watchlist and its symbols.

  • Options Chain

    RECENTLY UPDATED! We've reimagined the Options Chain feature to deliver a richer platform experience. Set up complex options trades with the click of a button for simplified and streamlined options trading.

  • Order Status

    RECENTLY UPDATED! Orders on the Order Status page are filterable by Status, Date Range, and Security Type. Now orders can also be sorted by Symbol and Time & Date by clicking on those columns. A "Remember" checkbox can be selected to save your filter and sort preferences.

  • Coming Soon

    Even more enhancements are on their way to make your trading experiences more intuitive and streamlined.



  • Travel Notice

    Let us know your travel plans by going online or with the Schwab Mobile app to add a travel notice so we can monitor your account more effectively when there's activity outside of your usual routine.

  • Card Alerts

    Keep an eye on what's happening in your Schwab Bank Investor Checking™ account1 by setting up custom alerts on your Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum Debit Card.

  • Card Lock/Unlock

    Our card lock/unlock feature lets you lock your Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum Debit Card if you misplace it or think someone might be using it,2 then unlock and use it once you make sure it's secure.

  • Reorder a Card

    Debit card lost or damaged? Request a new Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum Debit Card online in just a few simple steps.

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Did you know Schwab has a How To Center to help you manage your account online? You'll find dozens of tutorial videos and answers to commonly asked "How do I?" questions to help you navigate and the Schwab Mobile app with confidence.

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Top features: Schwab Mobile app.



  • Android Watch Compatibility

    NEW! Now you can access indices, podcasts, and breaking news directly on your Android Watch without ever looking at your phone. Download the Schwab Mobile App and then install it on your Android watch.

  • Enhanced Experience

    NEW! The updated Schwab Mobile app features enhancements to make your experience even better, including navigation changes, user interface updates, and Dark Mode. You can access the Dark Mode feature in your device settings under Display and Brightness.

  • Investing Education & Insights

    NEW! Now you can access real-time commentary and the latest investing education to keep at the forefront of modern investing right on your phone. Just go to Markets (or Learn) in your app's navigation menu to get started.

  • Account Summary

    NEW! Now you can view account details with a touch by pressing and holding account rows on your Account Summary page for quick access to important account information. Find this feature by choosing Summary (or Accounts) in your app's navigation menu.



  • Thematic Stock Lists

    NEW! Thematic investing lets you align your investments with personal interests and values, including themes like space economy, genomics, cybersecurity, and many others. To explore thematic investing, go to More (or Trade) > Thematic Stock Lists in the app navigation menu.

  • Watchlists

    RECENTLY UPDATED! Sort Watchlist symbols by predefined criteria, including description, name, dollar day change, and percentage day change. Create your watchlist by going to More (or Markets) > Watchlist in the app navigation menu.


Investor Checking

  • Position Moves

    NEW! You can now conveniently transfer positions internally between your Schwab eligible accounts on the mobile app. To use this feature, go to More > Transfers & Payments > Transfer (or Move Money) in your app's navigation menu and then select the Positions tab.

  • Funds Transfers with Zelle®

    With Schwab Bank and Zelle®, you can safely and easily send money to friends, family, and others you trust, typically within minutes.3 Send money with Zelle® by going to More (or Move Money) > Transfers & Payments > Send Money with Zelle® in the app navigation menu.

  • Mobile Check Deposit

    Deposit checks into your eligible Schwab Bank or Schwab brokerage and IRA accounts by snapping a few photos.4 Find this feature by going to More (or Move Money) > Deposit in the app navigation menu.

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A few more helpful resources.

  • Digital Reference Guide

    The & Mobile App Reference Guide can help you find top tools and resources to manage your accounts and investments seamlessly online.

  • SchwabSafe®

    We're dedicated to protecting your account and working with you to make it even more secure.

  • Schwab Mobile app

    Learn more about the Schwab Mobile app to keep you up to speed when you're on the go.

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Answers to your frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, at this time, our Schwab Mobile app doesn't have the capability to send wire transfers. We encourage you to log in to your account using, visit Transfers and Payments, select the Send a Wire option, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yes, you can reorder your debit card on your mobile app. You can do so by going to More in the bottom navigation section and selecting Client Services > Manage Cards > Replace Cards.

NOTE: If your app has been updated to the new navigation, go to Profile > Manage Cards in the top left-hand corner instead.

As a reminder, you can use your Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum Debit Card at any physical or online retailer that accepts Visa. You can use your Schwab Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card to pay securely without making contact by tapping and holding your card at a contactless-enabled terminal. You can also add your Schwab Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card to your mobile wallet5 for a more secure, convenient, and easy way to pay. The Schwab Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card is safe and secure with banking and transaction alerts, card lock/unlock,6 fraud two-way text alerts, and travel alerts.

Learn more about the Schwab Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card features.

Required Minimum Distributions can be taken via Transfers & Payments on the Schwab Mobile app. To navigate to Transfers & Payments from the Client Summary page after login, click on More (or Move Money) in the bottom right-hand corner, then select Transfers & Payments and then Transfers. Once the IRA account that the RMD is intended to be distributed from is selected, a distribution summary will become visible that displays the RMD amount for the current tax year as well as year-to-date distributions and prior-year distributions.

The RMD Center is available on and provides a much more intuitive user interface. A simple three-step process allows you to set up, review, and confirm your distribution request in a matter of minutes. You can quickly and easily see RMD amounts aggregated, year-to-date distributions, scheduled distributions, and remaining outstanding RMDs that would be subject to penalty.